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Learn vocabulary, phrases, sentences, and sample essays, Familiarize yourself with topic expressions. Boost your IELTS speaking prep efficiency.


Real IELTS Speaking Exam Questions

We've gathered the latest and most comprehensive collection of real IELTS speaking questions. Delve deeper into the direction and trends of the exam and sharpen your preparation.

Up-to-date Seasonal Questions
Stay updated with the freshest questions of the current IELTS season, ensuring your preparation is always in sync with recent trends.
Comprehensive Part2 & Part3 Coverage
Experience full-length content for both Part2 and Part3, fostering a deeper familiarity with the real examination flow and format.
Five Major Categories
Dive into a rich array of topics spanning five major categories. This extensive diversity ensures a well-rounded and versatile preparation.
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Essential Vocabulary Words and Phrases.

Benefit from our database of over 12,000 core words and phrases tailored for IELTS speaking. Each selection is meticulously crafted to solidify your linguistic foundation.

Dive into key adjectives, verbs, and nouns curated for IELTS mastery. This holistic collection caters to every aspect of expression, ensuring versatile articulation.
Grasp phrases that enhance fluency and authenticity. Using these will make your responses sound both smoother and more natural in the context of IELTS speaking.
Avail over 1,800 guiding sentences designed to aid you in effectively discussing a wide range of topics, ensuring your responses are detailed and organized.
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4,000+ Benchmark Answer Samples

Explore more than 4,000 high-scoring IELTS speaking samples to extract insights, hone your answering skills, and achieve your desired score in the actual test.

Adherence to Official IELTS Standards
Each of our samples strictly adheres to IELTS official standards, ensuring you're studying from benchmark, high-scoring exemplars.
Diverse Answers for Varied Insights
For every question, find diverse answer samples. These offer multiple perspectives, granting you a wealth of inspiration for your own unique response.
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AI Tool

AI assistant for Organizing Scripts

Input your ideas, AI will organize and complete.

Expand and Organize Sample Essays
Offering high-scoring samples, our app also includes tools for intelligent customization and organization, enhancing your IELTS preparation.
Fully Compliant with IELTS Official Standards
Designed based on official IELTS standards, our content ensures your practice aligns with the real examination, boosting your chances for a high score.
Authentic Expressions & Rich Vocabulary
Our samples prioritize both authentic language and rich vocabulary, helping you improve your English while aiming for an IELTS high score.
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